My pre-daygame story, part 7

Next day I went to our office in Mandaue City. T. wasn’t there and I notice how relaxed the staff were. Everyone was doing their job but with the apparent lack of dread. T. was a dick to our staff. When he was in the office, everyone was walking on egg shells. T. would always tell me how lazy and irresponsible our employees were and how they always needed to be watched. Well, I thought to myself, I never had to watch two of my remote virtual assistants. I couldn’t, even if I wanted to, but they seem to always get the job done.

I chatted a bit to A., the young office manager girl. She was a highlight of a team. Proactive, responsible and always got the job done with no excuses. Plus, she was hot. I guess this was the main reason T. hired her in my absence.

Later in the day, T. invited me for a drink at the lounge bar at Radison Blu hotel where he always stayed for a month at a time. He managed to carve some sort of a corporate deal with the hotel management.

We met at the bar and ordered drinks. T. was a dick he usually was. Apparently, he wasn’t happy with his drink and demanded a replacement. Waitress was very apologetic and brought him a new one. That pissed me off. I knew how things work in Philippines. The waitress who made a little mistake was going to get the price of his drink deducted from her pay. And, since Radison is a five-star overpriced hotel, this one drink would amount to her whole daily pay, if not more.

The meeting with T. turned into a shitshow and a blame game. T. blamed me for not making our SEO software as shiny and I blamed him for not bringing any customers. I couldn’t go like this anymore. I had a family to support and if cash wasn’t going to roll in, I would run out of money in a matter of a couple of months tops. Eventually I shouted at T. that I am done and I am out and I’d rather go and drink tequila with my girlfriend than to keep talking to him. And I left the bar.

That was the last time me and T. talked in long, long time.

I took a taxi to Ayala Mall to buy a box of finest Filipino cigars and went to the bar where J. worked. It was a bit early and the owner wasn’t there but N., the manager of the bar was. N. was a funny Queenslander who spoke with a heavy Aussie accent. He was a cool guy to hand out with. I shared a cigar with him and we shot shit for a while. There was something off about this guy. I couldn’t pinpoint what but I suspected he was hiding from Australian law in Philippines. My suspicions were confirmed later when he left Cebu City and his long-term girlfriend and escaped to Puerta Galera. Apparently, he was running real estate scams around the country.

When J. arrived to report for duty, I ordered tequila and drunk my sorrows away. At the end of her shift, I took her to my hotel room.

To be continued…

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