Zone Diet for Dummies

I tried different diets, including paleo, keto and vegan and I found that Zone Diet works best for me. I lost the most amount of weight I’ve ever lost (44 pounds) using this diet (it was quite a while ago). It is balanced in terms of protein, fat and carbohydrates intake and, supposedly, anti-inflammatory. It … Continue reading “Zone Diet for Dummies”

My pre-daygame story, part 11 – zero dollar notch with a busty girl

As soon as I got my condo loan sorted, I jumped on Filipino Cupid, created an account, uploaded a few photos and paid for one month membership. Immediately my inbox started to blow up with messages from random chicks. I quickly created filters to ignore girls over 23 years old. I sent a few openers … Continue reading “My pre-daygame story, part 11 – zero dollar notch with a busty girl”

My pre-daygame story, part 10

By that time, I was reading lots of Blackdragon material on non-monogamy, open marriage, online dating and dating younger girls. This information was eye opening. My Philippines trip to sort out my condo loan before the handover was approaching fast and I decided to test Blackdragon’s ideas on younger chicks and try to focus on … Continue reading “My pre-daygame story, part 10”


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