That Tuesday night was a bit out of control. I met Black Ring at the sushi joint where Japanese girl I number closed a while ago in a smoking area of Maloney's Hotel works as a waitress. We had some sushi and Sapporo and Black Ring did a set with Japanese waitress at the checkout counter.

We moved to Maloney's Hotel for me to show Black Ring I can open girls (Maloney's is my favourite venue on weeknights). We went to the smoking area where two Mexican chicks were having a beer and smoked. Black Ring played the Russian club owner sitting on the chair and taking space around him. We chatted for a bit and I said to Black Ring that I will open them on a way out. When we finished out drinks, I opened Mexicans with the signature shampoo opener Black Ring invented to make me embarrass myself: "Hey, I like your hair. What kind of shampoo do you use?" To my amazement the chick I opened hooked on this bullshit. The other Mexican wasn't interested. So, I proceeded with the step two question: "Hey girls, who's idea was to go out tonight?" Sure enough, it was that Mexican that hooked. This question is the easiest way to find a chick who's DTF, as me and Black Ring discovered.

We had another drink at the Thai bar. There were no girls there on their own so we moved out. On a way to The Establishment (Black Ring's favorite venue for Tuesdays) we popped in to the Smoking Panda bar from which I pulled a double penetrated Puppy as well as 21 yo Singaporean chick that I bounced home on a first date but failed to escalate.

We arrived at The Establishment at around 11 pm. IOIs everywhere, despite the fact that were dressed way more casual than half of the guys there. Talked to a couple of Japanese chicks but they didn't hook. Met a few fellow PUAs who were also working the venue.

At the corner of the bar Black Ring opened an Irish chick who was waiting to buy a beer. Surprisingly she almost completely ignored Black Ring and started complimenting me on the shitty skull ring I was wearing. When Black Ring saw she's hooking on me, he buggered off to talk to the Nigerian dude at the bar. The Irish chick worked at the jewelry store and kept telling me how amazing my ring was. It seemed like ovulation pheromones completely clouded her judgement.

When her Spanish friend arrived and joined the set I immediately told her: "I don't speak Spanish, but he does", and I pulled Black Ring into the set. He did a pro move on turning her away from me and the Irish and "distracted the obstacle". I tried to figure out who's idea was to go out but the Irish kept mumbling some nonsense.

When we went to the bar to get another drink, there was a crazy British dude waiting in the queue. We chatted a bit and then Black Ring opened him again. The dude was very high energy and was getting down pretty hard and kept buying us double shots for the rest of the night.

Talked to a couple of black chicks from Germany and I danced with the one (Black Ring basically just pushed her at me to do it). I fucking hate salsa but I did it anyway. Chick had full sleeve tattoo on one arm and another one on the other arm. Barely visible on her black skin. Turned out Germans were sisters.

Went outside for a smoke and there was young blonde with a guy she just met. Black Ring teased her and she started giving him shit, calling him mean. He did his signature move of turning his back on her and she immediately reacted by starting being super friendly to me. I asked her the step two question and, of course, it was her idea to go out. She was totally DTF that night plus she was separated from her crew.

On the other smoke break outside we chatted to two Spanish chicks. I touched piercing on one of the chick's ear and asked her: "Why don't you do a septum?" Her reply was: "I don't know. All my friends have septum".

After midnight the place turned pretty dirty with chicks shaking their booties left and right and alcohol flowing a plenty. As salsa music turned to reggaeton, I realised how fucked up I will be tomorrow at work. British dude kept buying shots and going bananas. I approached and opened a three set of Filipino ladyboys and chatted for awhile.

As the venue closed at 3 am, the decision was made for the three of us to bounce to a strip join. Not on Tuesday night. Shut. We popped into a brothel across the street from my place but didn't go in. Then we had burgers at 24/7 junk food joint and I bounced home to have a few hours of sleep before going to work.

That night I dreamed of MFT threesome. I dreamed about taking Puppy to the club and picking up some tranny for the double penetration. I woke up in a cold sweat. The time was 8:30 am and, after a quick shower, I headed to work thinking how I should never go out on Tuesday night ever again.