My plane landed in Sydney and I went back to my regular routine… Except for my wife. She knew something was off. Smart girl. She knew what she was up to when she sent me to Cebu City alone. The nuclear shit-test. The shit test that I failed.

Thinking about it now, this was the moment that my marriage was done. It would take a few more years for it to become official but the irreparable damage was already done and nothing was going to change it. She knew. Female spider senses.

We took a drive to the Cronulla beach in Sydney where she started to ask me the tough questions. Did I do it? How many girls? Bla bla bla. I couldn’t lie to her anymore. I loved this girl. She didn’t do anything wrong. I spilled all the beans.

Surprisingly the sex at home has improved. In fact, a lot. She dressed sexy for me and… drum roll… I made her squirt for then first time in years. The dread game is real. She knew, she had a completion now. The real competition. Younger, tighter, hotter.

The condo investment was also a dread for her. She read it as a plan for me to dump her and go live my life in another country in my own property without her, having an access to other, younger and hotter women. It was a revelation for me too, because I finally realised my value as man. I realised that I can actually do that. Go somewhere else and live my life as a man, having access to younger and hotter women. Our marriage was done, de facto. I didn’t accept that and so didn’t she. But, as I now realise, her female spider senses made her thinks about the way out and the plan B.

I did what I planned. I fired my virtual assistants and helped them to find another job via Facebook groups I was a member of and I found a lucrative corporate contract. Cash started to roll in and stress was relieved. Suddenly I was getting more cash coming to my bank account than during all my previous years of running a business.

I have skills. Skills that are in demand and can provide a good income for me and my family. I can bring back home a bacon. In fact, a gourmet one. Just like when we came to this country years ago with nothing. No cash, no possessions and no future. I could make a future for all of us. Me, my wife and my kid.

My wife suddenly decided to help to make money. She spent hours upon hours on YouTube, learning the ropes as she started to day trade. Little by little she was able to consistently make a small profit. I was providing the cash to keep the trading account going. Everything seems to be going back to normal. After a break up with T., there were no reason for me to go back to Philippines. Except for my condo. The day when I was going to go there for a handover was approaching fast. I had to do the paperwork for a loan and jump on the plane to get the things sorted.

I had a reason to go there. Would I be able to resist? I knew the answer was “no” even before I jumped on the plane.

To be continued…