Although we fucked only a few times, J. started to refer me as her “boyfriend”, which weirded me out but not too much. I was still bamboozled by the fact that 23-year-old girl can be into “older” guy like me. This relationship had a hard expiration date, the date of my plane ticket back to Australia.

I was feeling really crushed. I knew the business venture with T. is done and I have to get to the positive cash flow fast, otherwise my financial situation would deteriorate to the point of no return. I knew that I had to shut down my business, let two of my virtual assistants go and go back to the contracting to corporate. There wasn’t a realistic way to generate cash in a matter of few short weeks otherwise. I was going back to where I started.

There was one more thing that contributed bad to my dread. And it was the fact that a few days before my and T’s break up, I bought a studio condominium in Cebu City off the plan. In fact, there were no building whatsoever. There was a construction site and a hole in the ground.

Fortunately, dear reader, now I can say, it wasn’t a bad decision after all. The building was constructed. The condominium was handed over and overall, it wasn’t a bad investment at all. But this will become apparent later. For now, I was fucked.

It was time to leave the country and go back home to my family. I had a red-light flight so I decided to have a few drinks at the bar with J. and go back to my hotel room to sleep before going to the airport. And so, I did. We shot shit and smoked cigars with N., drunk tequila and played pool with J. and, around 10 pm I went back to my hotel to sleep. J. begged me to stay but I didn’t.

I was lying in bed in my hotel room and I couldn’t sleep. I was done. My business was over. My dreams were crushed. I had to put my tail between my legs and crawl back to the corporate job. I was defeated. But there was J., the pretty 23-year-old singer from a whiskey bar with slim dark-skinned body and firm tits. And she liked me.

I jumped out of the bed, took shower, got dressed up and took a taxi back to the bar. N. welcomed me at the entrance. “J. was looking a bit sad when you left,” he told me. Oh, well. I beaconed visibly surprised and happy J. and ordered her to bring me two cans of Red Bull. I wasn’t going to sleep that night. We drunk, we played pool, we talked, we had fun. When her shift was over, we went across the Mango area to the, now defunct, 22nd Street Comedy Bar.

We met some of the J’s friends, I order some food and drinks for us and then she joined the rock band at the stage to sing Evanescence’s “Bring Me to Life” for her “boyfriend” (me). I still have this video I shot on my phone. She did have a voice.

J. singing "Bring Me to Life"

Eventually we took a taxi to my hotel. A few short minutes after we entered the room, the clothes started to come off and next thing you know, we were naked in my bed. “Can I?” she asked again pointing her phone at my erect phallus. “Sure, go for it,” I replied as she took a dick pick for her cock collection.

I pulled on a condom and started fucking her with everything I had. As before, she rode my dick vigorously in cow-girl position until she had an orgasm. After she came, she told me, “Now, it’s you turn.” That turned me on so much, I pounded her from behind until I couldn’t hold it anymore. I pushed her on her back, pulled off the condom and blew my load on her perfect Asian tits. Then I reached for my phone and took a trophy shot of her body with my cum all over her belly and boobs.

We didn’t sleep that night. In the morning she rode a taxi with me to the airport and hugged be goodbye as I walked through the airport gates.

That was the last time we fucked. I met her a few years later in Cebu. She had another kid from god knows whom, who didn’t stick around. She became really jaded and her looks faded badly way before she hit thirty years old. Sometimes I still pull and watch that old video of her singing Evanescence’s “Bring Me to Life.”

To be continued…