Next day my phone kept blowing up from J's messages. I didn't realise dumping her at the bar was actually a good move. She was basically begging me to come over and drink tequila with her. Which I did the very same evening.

I rolled into the bar and immediately ordered a bottle of tequila. Me and J. started doing shots. She was very entertaining. It was some interesting new feeling for me. I was sitting there, doing nothing and the girl fifteen years younger than me was going out of her way to keep me having fun in between of performing her work duties. Back then, dear reader, it was completely outside of my model of the world that girl that much younger than me could have any interest in me as a potential sexual partner. I couldn't believe this shit was happening.

Eventually the band had arrived and started playing old rock music hits. "Hey, I wanna sing for you", J. said, "but you need to tip the band". OK, whatever. I tipped the band with like five bucks or something and they scheduled the next song for me with J. as a singer. The song was from the "Titanic" movie, "My Heart Will Go On". When J. started to sing, my jaw dropped to the floor. This girl had the voice. Holy shit, she could sing. She sang the whole thing while looking at me with a "deer in headlights" look. I ordered another bottle of tequila. We had shots with lime and salt and played some pool.

When the clock hit 2 am, J's shift was over. She got changed into a shorts and a top and I drugged her to the taxi and ordered a driver to takes us to my hotel. We both were pretty shitfaced from two bottles of tequila so, upon arrival, we just collapsed into the bed and passed out.

When I woke up in the morning, J. was still asleep. I tuned the TV to the music channel. After J. woke up, I took her downstairs to the buffet breakfast which was a part of my hotel accommodation deal. She left her bag in my room, so we had to go back. I laid on the bed to watch some music videos on the TV while J. went to take a shower. I was absolutely clueless, dear reader. She emerged from the shower and joined me on the bed. For a few minutes we were just laying there, watching music videos. "You gotta make a move, man", the inner voice said to me. And so I did go ahead and tried to kiss her. And this is where a massive LMR started. J. wouldn't let me kiss her. She started to give me some massive bullshit. "No". "You bring other girls here". "You don't really like me". Bla-bla-bla. "Two steps forward, one step back", the mantra from some PUA forum or blog I read popped into my mind. And so I did. "Hey, I am here with you, J". "There are no other girls here." "We are just watching TV." All while trying to physically escalate and remove her clothes. It took me about forty to fifty minutes to get her boobs out of her bra. The rest of the clothes came off pretty quickly.

To my amazement she still wouldn't let me kiss her so I just started sucking on her boobs and kissing her body. She had a nice, firm, petite Asain body with perfect skin. Her boobs were pretty small but with perfect nipples. She was a nice, 23 year old trim little piece of ass. However, when I tried to go down on her, she freaked out. "What, no one ever eaten you out?", I asked. She didn't reply. So, I just put her on her back, pulled on condom and started fucking her. Almost immediately she pulled out her phone and directed it towards her pussy. "Can I?", she asked. "What the fuck?", I though to myself but I said "OK. Just no faces", as I kept on fucking her while she shot an amateur close up video of my dick penetrating her vagina. After a while she pushed me on my back and started to ride my dick vigorously until she came. I realised that this girl knew exactly what to do to get herself off on my dick.

After we finished, we laid on the bed for a while and watched music videos. She didn't show any signs of going to leave anytime soon. I was actually on the seventh heaven after that sex session, and I also planned to go to the cinema so I decided to invite her to tag along. She agreed with no hesitation. We went to the mall, got milkshakes and watched "Cloud Atlas" in the cinema. I enjoyed every minute of it. Watching a movie cuddling with a pretty girl.

After the movie, she still wouldn't leave so I had to devise a plan. I was getting pretty hungry, so we went for lunch at the cafe in the shopping mall where I told her that I need to go and meet my business partner so she finally had to leave.

To be continued....