By that time, I was reading lots of Blackdragon material on non-monogamy, open marriage, online dating and dating younger girls. This information was eye opening. My Philippines trip to sort out my condo loan before the handover was approaching fast and I decided to test Blackdragon’s ideas on younger chicks and try to focus on sub-24-year-old girls when I come to Cebu City. I decided to create Filipino Cupid account and only open girls 23-year-old or younger when I arrive.

Between my last Philippines trip and that time, I reignited my DJing passion from the past and went back to collecting vinyl records and mixing. I rebuilt my collection to around 1800 records and was having lots of fun mixing at home and making mixtape videos. I got in touch with a few DJs in Cebu City via Facebook and they offered me to play at local venues if I bring my vinyl records with me, which I accepted with a passion. This old hobby of mine made me quite a few good friends there when I arrived.

I booked AirBnB condo in the same building as my condo, packed all my condo loan documents together with 30 of my favourite house record and jumped on the plane.

The plane was delayed. I only landed in Cebu City around 9 pm, more than one hour later than the schedule. I was really tired and jetlagged when I got to my apartment at around 10 pm. I wanted to go to sleep to recover. But the night was young and I just decided to go to my favourite bar where I met J. to just have a couple of beers. I showered, dressed up, hailed a cab and went to the bar.

Apparently where there a couple of waitress girls at the bar who recognised me around that J’s affair despite that fact that a few years have passed. It looked like me and J. became some sort of a legend there. Jezuz. I didn’t expect that.

As I entered the bar and ordered drinks, one girl immediately took a fancy to me. She jumped on my lap and started to grind her butt on my crouch. Her name was S. I ordered a bottle of tequila. As the night progressed, the things got dirtier and dirtier. I got a bit tipsy and started to flirt with S., eventually ending up talking dirty to her right there and then. I was whispering in her ear how I would throw her on the bed, pull her panties off and eat her pussy out.

She kept taking it all in as she kept grinding on my lap. Tequila was flowing freely and I was getting really drunk. S. kept grinding on my crouch. As the clock hit 2 am and S’s shift was over, I grabbed her by the hand and dragged her to the taxi to go to my condo.

As she entered the room, she asked me if she can go to the shower. I told her that she can and followed her there. We were both naked in the shower when I started to make out with her and, eventually bent her over and stuck my hard dick in her wet pussy. Raw. We fucked in the shower for a little while before I pulled her out and threw her on the bed.

I delivered everything that I promised her during the dirty talk at the bar. I ate her pussy like a maniac and she sucked my dick like a professional porn star. I fucked the shit out of her in bed and blew my load all over her body. Exhausted, we fell asleep only to repeat the process in the morning.

In the morning, I called a taxi and sent her home. She was a “golden touchdown” girl. A girl you fuck in less than 24 hours after a landing in the country. Moreover, she was 20-year-old. The youngest girl I ever fucked in my entire life.

To be continued...