As soon as I checked into my hotel, I got in touch with T. and we hit go-go bars for our bonding experience – drinks and hookers.

From the beginning of 2014 I was focusing most of my time on MVP version of our SEO software product. T. had failed to signup first software customers and also struggled with keeping his service customer base on a retainer. Regardless, he still kept Cebu office operational with about 10 to 15 people working full time. And, we still were friends.

Unfortunately I was running out of cash and already started to use credit to pay for some of the living expenses. It couldn't continue like this for any longer.

A few days after my arrival on Monday evening, while T. was taking care of office business and other stuff, I went to TGI Friday's bar at Ayala Mall terraces. It was a nice place to have an overpriced steak and have some cocktails. The bartenders would always put a good show juggling the shakers.

After having a second mojito I felt a stare. There she was sitting in the corner of the bar in full war paint of makeup in a dark red dress sipping a beer from a small bottle.

Five minutes later I ordered a third mojito as she walked passed me towards the toilet. Her perfume had this feminine intoxicating smell. She came back from the loo and resumed sipping the beer and staring me down.

Half way through my drink she stood up again and walked to the toilet, intoxicating me with a scent of her perfume. As soon as she walked past me to resume drinking the light bulb came on.

I know, dear reader, I know. This is how clueless I was. But I finally got it. She didn't want to take a piss. There is no way one tiny bottle of beer would make her want to take a piss two times in ten minutes. She was walking pass me to lure me with the smell of her ovulation pheromones.

I worked up the courage and approached her. Her name was J. and it was her only day off work for the week. She came to the bar because she knew the bartender. After a one minute chat I told her I had to go meet my business partner (which was kinda true) but I'd like to chat later. I pulled a scrap of paper with my local mobile number from my pocket and handed it over to her. Then I walked out of the door, my legs shaking. Ten minutes later she was texting me.

I know you have a question, dear reader. Why in a world I would violate all the PUA tenets and hand her my number instead of asking for her's? Why did I even have a prepared scrap of paper with my number in my pocket? I have the answer. Let me introduce you to the...

Cebu Daygame Model

Ever wondered how to make daygame really easy? In the Philippines you can.

Why scare the shit out of these tiny shy girls with a full Yad stop in the streets and spook them with your overwhelming masculine presence when you can take the easy road?

Why struggle with five good sets per day when you can do fifty?

Forget everything you know about the London dagame and keep reading.

I have to warn you, I didn't actually run this model on a scale and I never got an actual lay from it but I know it worked for guys from RooshV forum and other people from Dante's whoremongering blog. I don't know who invented it so I can't give a proper credit but I have a feeling it was actually invented in the Philippines by Filipino guys themselves. More on it later.

  1. Prepare a few scraps of paper and write some silly opener on them together with your local phone number, Facebook account and your name. Facebook account is important because may of these chicks are on a plan with unlimited free Facebook access but they have to pay for every  SMS message, especially between different carriers.

    I personally used something like "Hey, you look cute :) What is your name?". This way they will text you their name right away so you can add them to your contact list.
  2. Forget the streets. The real spotlight effect and fear of embarrassment will be too much for these chicks to handle. Hit the shopping malls instead. In Cebu these are Ayala Mall, SM City and SM Seaside (the biggest mall in Cebu). These girls just love hanging out in shopping malls enjoying free air conditioning and window shopping.
  3. If you are not fat and ugly fuck dressed in shitty shorts, crappy sandals and ten year old torn t-shirt, you will get tons of IOIs. Trust me, if you are an average looking white guy wearing good jeans, nice t-shirt and converses, you will be miles ahead of all fat and ugly expats who infested the city. Do not look like a tourist either. Leave your backpack at your hotel room.
  4. After you spotted an IOI or a girl you like, stalk her until she is in a quieter part of the mall. You want to have the least amount of people around as possible because the spotlight effect will cause too much embarrassment for a girl.

    Approach her from the side, deliver a compliment opener and hand her over the scrap of paper. Say "I made this for you", as you hand it over.

    She will either blow you off, take the paper or ask "What is this?". If she asks just tell her "This is something I made for you". Then simply walk away and search for another target.

    Rinse and repeat.

    Move to another mall, if necessary.

    You can hand these scraps of paper to any girl anywhere, if you want. Hand it to the cashier at the grocery store, your waitress at the bar, to the shopping assistant, the receptionist girl, any girl indoors. You get the point.
    Some will text you back. Some will text you back withing minutes. Form there you work your text game as usual.

I think this model was invented by Filipinos because on the same trip I was approached by a good looking Filipino guy at Ayala Mall. He mumbled something incoherent and handed me a card. When I asked what it was, he said "This is for you" and disappeared in a puff of smoke like a real ninja. The card had a phone number and a Facebook account name. When I checked the Facebook it was obvious he was a gay dude hitting on me.

To be continued...